Our Specialties


Heart Disorders:                 Lung Disorders:                   Liver Disorders:
Chest Pain Asthma Diabetes
Hypertension Breathlessness High Cholesterol
Hypotension COPD Stroke
Irregular Heart Beat Fatigue  
Palpitation Seasonal Allergy  
  Shortness of Breath  


Kidney Disorders:          Spleen/Stomach Disorders:  Head Disorders:
Hyper-Thyroidism Acid Reflux, GERD Convulsion
Hypo-Thyrhoidism Bloating Dizziness
  Indigestion Headache
  Poor Appetite Seizures
  Weight Gain/Loss Vertigo


Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat Disorders: Skin Disorders: Urinary Disorders:
Floaters Atopic Skin Dribbling Urination
Infection: Eyes, Ears, Gums and Throat Dry Skin Frequent Urination
Nasal Congestion Hives Painful Urination
Rhinitis Rashes Urinary Retention
Sneezing Skin Itch Urinary Tract Infection
Hearing Loss    


Female Conditions:              Male Conditions:             Bowel Disorders:               
Infertility Genital Infection Constipation
Libido Issues Impotence Diarrhea
Menopause Symptoms Libido Issues Hemorrhoid
Menstrual Cycle Disorders Low Sperm Count  
Miscarriages Prostate Troubles  
Pre-Menstrual Cycle Symptoms    
Vaginal Infection    


Auto-Immune Disorders: Immune Disorders:    Mental Health:
Arthritis: Rheumatoid Animal Allergies ADHD
Crohn’s Disease Dust Allergies Anxiousness
Gout Food Allergies Autism
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Seasonal Allergies Depression
Multiple Sclerosis Skin Allergies Insomnia
Psoriasis Hashimoto Syndrome Nervousness
Systemic Lupus Ulcerative Colitis PTSD


Musculo-Skeletal Disorders:
Facial Drooping, Numbness and Deviation
Herniated Discs
Muscle Pain, Soreness, Weakness, Tightness and Numbness
Numbness, Pain and Stiffness of All Joints
Swelling of the Joints and Muscles