What is Your Constitution?


According to the Webster Dictionary States, the Constitution is “The Aggregate of a person’s physical and psychological characteristics.”

The Humankind Constitution is a classification of humankind into four big (4) types based on the imbalances of the internal organs. Every humankind is born with four (4) pre-determine imbalance of the Internal Organs. The imbalance of the Internal Organs manifests as physical makeup, mental predisposition, personality characteristics, and predisposed health conditions. Constitutional Medicine was developed from Constitution. Constitution was used to predict and explain predisposed physical health and as well as mental health. All types of Constitutional Medicine were developed throughout the world in different era and countries to treat all kinds of diseases. Constitutional Medicine is very effective in treating modern-day diseases. Before the invention of the microscope, Western Medicine was Constitutional Medicine.

Four Type Constitution (사상체질, 四象體質) was developed in late 19th century Korea by a Korean Confucius Scholar Lee JaeMa (이제마, 李濟馬) who wrote Longevity and Life Preservation in Eastern Medicine (동의수세보원, 東醫壽世保元). In his book, he differentiated into big four (4) types: Tae-Tang In (태양인, 太陽人), So-Yang In (소양인, 少陽人), Tae-Eum In (태음인, 太陰人), and So-Eun In (소음인, 少陰人). Each type is born with a predetermined imbalance of the Internal Organs (Click below to determine your type). Although, the author is a Confucius Scholar first and then a medical doctor, so his perception of the diseases is the result of one’s inner imbalance of each type rather than external factors such as environment, season, food, and others people. Constitutional Medicine does not directly treat the symptoms rather it is designed to treat the cause of the symptoms by correcting the Internal Organ imbalances.

According to Four Type Constitution (사상체질, 四象體質), the differentiation of one’s Constitution stats with perception and interest. The people’s perception and interest in the same events and thing are different; the people form four different points of views and opinions of same event or thing. These four different points of view and opinions are resulting in the four specific Internal Organ imbalances. Furthermore, the four specific Internal Organ imbalances cause all kinds of predisposed diseases.