Quantum Medicine

What is Quantum Medicine

Quantum Medicine, perhaps, tracing back its root from Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics states all matters, including both living and non-living, emit some kind of energy. Many physicists studied, researched, and then published that each bio-organism emits an electromagnetic field that is distinct to each bio-organism. Each bio-organism communicates and effects with another bio-organism. Energy emitted by a bio-organism is called bioenergy. Quantum Medicine is the treatment that addresses bioenergy of the bio-organisms.

For Medicine, each bio-organism or a body part gives off bioenergy of particular circulatory frequency and quality. Furthermore, bioenergy from one body part can affect another body part, and vice-versa. Another word, a diseased body part’s negative bioenergy can cause the disease to another healthy body parts. In Oriental Medicine, Bioenergy is equivalent to Qi, and each body part has its own particular Qi characteristic. Above concepts are the core principles of Oriental Medicine. In essence, Oriental Medicine is Quantum Medicine.

For thousands of years Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and even Indians used bioenergy (Qi) to treat diseases. For thousands of years, Oriental Medicine, especially Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, is used by the countries mentioned to treat diseases by balancing bioenergy (Qi). The Acupuncture Meridians reflect the concept of bioenergy (Qi) emitted by biological organisms. The Acupuncture Meridian system serves as the pathway for bioenergy (Qi) from the various body parts.

A healthy body part emits bioenergy (Qi) of specific circulatory frequency and quality, but a same diseased body part emits bioenergy (Qi) of altered circulatory frequency and quality. Quantum Medicine achieves to restore health by correcting circulatory frequency and quality bioenergy (Qi) of the body part.

One of the pioneers of Quantum Medicine is Composite Constitutional Acupuncture. The Core principle of Composite Constitutional Acupuncture is balancing bioenergy (Qi) of the organs (meridians). Composite Constitutional Acupuncture does not balance bioenergy (Qi) of each diseased body parts or organs instead it treats the symptoms and diseases by balancing bioenergy (Qi) of the entire body according to one’s constitution.