Zero Point Energy

The Theories of Zero Point Energy

According to Ancient Physics, a vacuum or an empty space is understood as a space that is empty without any particles nor energy. However, Quantum Physics proved that the vacuum space is not space without any particles or energies, but it is the place where the electrons and positrons like dipole particles and anti-particles are engaged in never-ending cycles of creation, explosion, and destruction. The dipole electrons and positrons, matter and anti-matter, fill up the empty space to create subtle energy.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is, the term comes from Physics, the energy created from the Zero Point Field (ZPF). The Zero Point Field (ZPF) is the empty space where the bursting and destruction of energy takes place. The Zero Point Field (ZPF) is filled with positively and negatively charged (dipole) matter and anti-matter (electron and positron), and they engaged in an endless collision to create subtle energy called Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Zero Point Energy (ZPE) could be considered as the universe’s original energy that is the origin of all creations, including the human beings. It is how the universe expands and maintains its existence.

The human body, according to Oriental Medicine, is a micro version of the universe, and it behaves just like the universe. The human body is the Zero Point Field (ZPF). The human body creates Zero Point Energy (ZPE) to maintain our health and life. When the body loses its internal balance, and then the body develops diseases. As a result, the body stops creating Zero Point Energy (ZPE), we become more ill and eventually leads to death. The only way for the body to maintain health and life is by keeping creating Zero Point Energy (ZPE).  

The creation of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is the key to a healthy life. The body creates a maximum quantity of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) when all the Internal Organs in balance. But, both external and internal factors cause the Internal Organs become out the balance. One of the best ways for the body to creating Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is correcting the imbalance of the Internal Organs using acupuncture.

Especially, Composite Constitutional Acupuncture is one of the revolutionary and pioneer treatments in creating Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Composite Constitutional Acupuncture is a customized treatment according to one’s predisposed organ imbalance. Conventional acupuncture treatments only partially achieve the creation of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) instead  Composite Constitutional Acupuncture creates Zero Point Energy (ZPE) as a whole. True healing occurs when the body as a whole creates Zero Point Energy (ZPE).